Ongoing therapy appointments are usually one hour and may be weekly or less frequent.

Who is needed

The initial appointment is with both parents and the child or adolescent where possible, or with the parent who initiated the referral if parents are not both living with the child. If time permits, Dr Dey may also see parents and/or children or adolescents separately at this appointment. The assessment includes a parent interview and usually requires 2-3 appointments.


Family Talks Clinic is located about 5 minutes walk from Hume Street carpark. This is a council carpark providing 2 hours free car space: Hume street carpark

By Train: Family Talks Clinic is located 4 minutes walk from St Leonards train station.

Please note

Dr Dey is in private practice one day per week and while offering comprehensive assessment and ongoing therapy, does not provide an emergency service or consultation at other times.

Dr Dey does not provide medico-legal assessments nor reports and the administrative team at her practice are able to provide details of other Child and Adolescent psychiatrists who provide these services.

Fees and payment options

Dr Dey’s practice is not a bulk-billing practice and payment is requested at the time of the appointment. We accept VISA and Mastercard and we have an EFTPOS facility. Dr Dey's appointments are partly refundable by Medicare. Information about fees, the cancellation policy and Medicare rebates is available when booking appointments.